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Fishing Family Turns Oyster Farmers

Safety Cove Shellfish Farm is our family owned operation nestled between the famed Copper River and Prince William Sound. Cordova, Alaska is our base of operations which is located on a remote stretch of vibrantly thriving Alaskan temperate rain forest. We've grown to become a networked family of families, fisher folk and watermen. We have a deep connection to the sea. After decades of participating in the world's most sustainably harvested wild fisheries, which we still do, we decided to also cultivate a unique version of a very common bivalve, making it our very own. We're very pleased to offer a truly unique product -  our version of an Alaskan grown Pacific Oyster.


Proud to present oysters from:


Safety Cove, LLC

Cordova, Alaska

 Trusttransparency and attention to detail are a just few of our family values.  Our values have guided us as a family and as a farm, allowing us to produce a truly unique, authentic and pure oyster for you to enjoy. Simply put, we think they're the best, and we hope that you'll agree.


Your Trusted Source of Fine Alaskan Seafood and more....

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Alaska is a pretty special place, but oysters aren't native to these extreme Northern climes. The water is just too cold for spawning therefore they don't reproduce here on their own. 


Not surprisingly, we've found this to be a feature rather than a bug.


Oysters grow more slowly here. It turns out that Grandma was right; "you just can't rush a good thing"! 


The cold water, at our latitude (60* N) does a couple of amazing things for the oysters: primarily, it keeps the harmful algae/ plankton blooms in check that plague nearly every other growing area on the planet. Secondly, the cold water ensures firm, delicious flesh year round. 12 months out of the year.


Biologically speaking, the oysters  waste no time or energy expended on the reproduction cycle. All the goodness is added, stored and available 12 months per year! In contrast, the warmer waters found  elsewhere, the Pacific Oyster may spend several months of the year undergoing an attempted spawning cycle rendering the flesh less desirable. Thanks to the nature of our "true cold water" environment, oysters from Safety Cove don't have that problem.  We're excited for the opportunity to bring them to your door, while other oysters are unfit or unsafe to consume...






















How are we able to do this?


We simply started with clean pure water in the first place. It's such a humbling experience, to work in the ancient shadows of nameless glaciers that continue to do their job, as they have done for thousands of years. The briny depths where our oysters grow are very cold. The freshly made (in geologic terms) sediment from those active glaciers performing their ancient task is what feeds the robust and energy intense plankton blooms that allow these frequently tumbled, washed and sorted oysters to become so nutritious and flavorful. They're carefully handled on a regular basis to encourage a round, uniform shape with a deep cup, full of succulent meat.

On top of that, we use the State of Alaska's Environmental Health Laboratory in Anchorage, Alaska to test product weekly during the busy summer months and monthly Nov. 15 thru Apr. 15, as required, to make sure we're able to maintain your expectations of trust and purity.


We typically harvest at the end of the week to get product ready for shipping at the start of each week. We're able ship oysters in bulk using Alaska Airlines Cargo to nearly every major City in the US. You'll find our world class oysters available at an affordable and competitive rate, shipped in industry typical, insulated or simply lined wetlock boxes. 40 dozen market size oysters usually weighs in at 100 lbs, which is a cost effective order size considering shipping minimums. Shipping times and rates do vary seasonally, so please reach out, contact us right away and let us find the best possible way to get them to you...

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Feel free to reach out via phone or email, We love talking about our oysters, so we're glad to talk to you and personally answer your questions. .


PO Box 1614
Cordova, AK 99574

+1(907) 253 - 7091

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