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What are  ePearls?

Oysters take time to grow. Don't get caught high and dry without our oysters during seasons of high demand. Pre-order with in store tokens, we call them ePearls... 


Perhaps the easiest thing about oysters is eating them, they're so incredibly good! At Safety Cove we've made it easy to buy them with our custom tokens. We'll even let you use your extra tokens to shipping costs!

Earn rewards, participate in membership bonuses and let them grow, the longer you hold them.

Depending on where you are in the country, shipping/ delivery might add another 20% to the final cost , so plan for that. The tokens never expire, so buy extra at checkout. They're good for anything on our website and then some...

You can make your own arrangements, or let us handle it.


 With ePearls it's simple, and we think you'll agree. Earn rewards when you use them, refer others and participate in special events!


   If you want to make sure you've got a steady supply, buy extra ePearls at checkout and ship only the portion that you want now and save the rest for later....





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